Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden Green

I can't believe it's July already, but here we are. And time for another SeedGROW post! A month ago, I had just sowed the basil and lettuce seeds, and the marigold seedlings had just come up.

Today, the basil 'Italian Cameo' is doing really well.

You can almost smell it!

The lettuce 'Garden Babies' is not quite as lush. I'm starting to think I should have planted it in a smaller container, as it's a variety created especially for small spaces.

I do enjoy its round form!

I sowed several other varieties of lettuce on the same day as the 'Garden Babies' into some drawers I got through freecycle. Both seed mixes are also from Renee's Garden, and I've already been harvesting from both. 'Cut and Come Again' (foreground) is a mix of baby and mesclun lettuces, and 'Farmers Market Lettuce Blend' (background) is a mix of sweet green and red lettuces. Both mixes will regrow after being cut.

I've planted the marigolds at the edge of my vegetable bed, because I was struck by an urge to go old school. They haven't flowered yet, probably because I only planted them in the ground a few days ago, and their roots needed to expand from their cell packs! I'm sure I'll have flowers to show you next month.

Have a super holiday weekend, everyone! I'm watching the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, which runs through July 17. Go Team USA and Go Team Germany! Deutschland Vor! Noch ein Tor!

I'm growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds.


  1. Hallo Monica
    Wow, Deine Babies sehen super aus! Der Basilikum ist traumhaft schön geworden... ups, jetzt kommt mir grad in den Sinn, das ich meinen noch giessen sollte und tschüsss.....
    liebe Grüsse

  2. Good to hear/see whats going on in your garden Monica. We have the Soccer game on now. US is ahead of Columbia. Go USA. Your salad greens look yummy.

  3. Monica I'm Jealous of your salad garden. Thanks for sharing the info about your salad mix. I have got to take notes for my future garden.

    "Cut and Come again is definitely what I need.

  4. Beautiful pics of your garden Monica! I am growing basil in mine as well, as I do every year, and it's true, you can smell it so strongly when you're around it. I just love herbs. Thanks for posting! ~Fae blessings~ xxxxx

  5. Your basil looks most green and healthy Monica. Mixed joy with mine - after a few days away and left to fend for themselves, some plants are ok and some have been munched by molluscs. Hope you are going to enjoy using the leaves - lots of pasta coming up methinks :)

  6. Isn't basil wonderful? One of the best smelling, best tasting, most impact-making of the herbs.


  7. Good to see your garden doing so well, Monica! I planted the same Farmers' Market, I think, and another lettuce mix from Renee's that have done really well for me, too. I've been ingesting lots of antioxidants lately:) I also have some basil from Renee's growing in a container. I've never made pesto before, but I've certainly got enough to make some. Then again, it's so pretty, I hate to harvest it. Have a Happy Fourth!

  8. Wow! Everything does look so green..and delicious!

    And look at all that basil. Pesto time!!!

  9. Hi Monica,

    I do so love basil. I can almost smell yours from here.
    I grew thai basil this year.....really lovely with mozarella and tomato fresh from the garden.
    Lettuce is so easy.....Poppi has her own lettuce pot :)

    Lovely to read your post and have you back amongst us.....

  10. Just catching up with the seedgrow posts from July. Sorry I didn't get here sooner to see the awesomeness you've got growing.