Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yes and No

Please let me answer the two main things you've probably been wondering:
  1. Am I still alive? Yes!
  2. Do I have a good excuse for ignoring blogging? No!
I've been away from the garden and away from blogging. I miss both, especially connecting with friends. I promise to comment again soon and possibly even do a real post. For now, please enjoy these gratuitous photos.


  1. Auch ich bin sehr selten beim Bloggen - leider. Werde es heute versuchen:)

  2. Fantastic photos, Monica!

    I saw your comment on my post about Chi Bot--sounds good! I told Beckie this weekend it was a good thing we hadn't planned on going this past weekend. First, I woke up Friday morning with a stomach virus, which wouldn't have made traveling very fun. Then, we would have left Friday afternoon--just in time to drive through the horrible storms near Chicago. Later this summer sounds much better:)

  3. We missed you Monica, thanks for sharing your photos to wet our appetites. ;)

  4. Hi Monica, glad to see you back. I was afraid you had become another victim of alien abduction:)

    Great photos. I really like Audrey II.

  5. The cool thing with blogging is we set our own rules so hey, get to it when you can and post all the gratuitous posts you wish.

  6. We'll take anything we can get, Monica! Thanks for the treat :)

  7. I love gratuitous photos! gail

  8. I've missed you but I'm glad you're still alive! ;-)

    Gratuitous photos are always welcome on our site too.

    take care!

  9. I missed you too" and I like the Venus fly trap.

  10. Love it when you post words and photos, but can subsist on the tweets when you're busy, Monica!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. Glad to know you are safe and sound, Monica. The blogs will wait for you and we will wait to read what you have to say when you feel like saying it. :-)
    Chihuly rules!

  12. love the spider death shot! very cool...

  13. ¡Hola buenas!

    Acabo de ver tu blog y para mi es interesante y tengo que felicitarte, te animo.

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    Muchas gracias.

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  14. That first VFT pic is really cool, looks like it caught a really good lunch!

  15. Great captures.
    When you say "away from blogging"...does that mean weeks like I do. :)

    So many things in life to enjoy and sometimes health and over working will slow us down. Oh well.

  16. Interesting and cool photos!

  17. Hi Monica,
    I am so behind in everything I do, that I don't always know who else has been active or not. I need to make myself less time on posting for awhile, because I am determined to get my house organized, and less cluttered.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my Bloomin' Tuesday post. I love your photos here, and think I saw some rattlesnake master in one of them. I think that's my favorite photo. I love the way the plant looks with the fancy modern structures in the background.

    I'll have to check your new blog out. I have an appointment to go to now, though.

  18. You've been very busy, so I think you can be excused. Besides, we've been having such great weather, it's too nice out to be inside online.