Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jimi!

James is 16 years old today. And to embarrass both of us, I thought I'd share all the nicknames he has. If you're a pet person, you'll understand. And if not, well, then please humor a crazy cat lady!

He was six months old and already named James when he came to live with me. James is not a name I'd have picked, but it really suited him so I kept it. I added the middle name Oberon* a few years back.

I most frequently call him James, Jimi, or Jamie, but he's also Jimmers, Jimi Jam, Jammers, Jacques, Jacques E. Nelli, Jimo, Jimoze, Jimilini, Jimilini Beeni, Lini, Jiminelli, Jimminelli Boom Boom Nelli, Nelli, Mr. Orange, Orange, Tiger Bites, Boo, Boo Boo, Baby, Bay, and Boy (and, frankly, sometimes also Girl in the same way that Fiona is sometimes Boy. It's the aging and distracted brain!). Note he is never Jim.

Please raise your paws and join us in some birthday tuna!

*Named neither for Shakespeare's king of shadows and fairies nor for the outermost moon of Uranus (though both are fitting for different reasons), but rather for my favorite beer, a summer ale brewed by Kalamazoo-based Bell's Brewery, as he's that color.


  1. Happy Birthday Jimi!

    (Well, one of the nicknames for my indoor cat -- who is very beautiful -- is Lumpy. lol)

  2. Yum Tuna for birthdays! Happy Birthday James! Here's to many more!

  3. Happy Birthday James, you are one lucky cat! Enjoy your tuna celebration. :) I give my pets nicknames too, lol. I guess I'm a crazy cat & dog lady myself. ;)

  4. That's all? Call yourself a catlover and that is all you can come up with name wise? ;-)

    Happy Birthday Ookiepookiewookiesnookietookiewokkywok! Now that's what _I_ call a cat's name. ;-) Really Monica, you must try harder!

  5. Happy birthday Jimi...etc etc....

    Hugs from Nella the dog....known by doting owner as Nels....Noo Noo....etc etc.....

    I do so understand........don't we just love our pets........

  6. HA Monica, you are too funny and happy birthday to Jimi mimmi beeni leeni Massachusetts, a take off of the names I have for offspring Semi. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Jimi!

    I was just about to make something to eat, so I'll make it a tuna pasta, in honour of your birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday, Jimi, and here's wishing you many more! And I thought Oberon was a perfect name for the Garden Faerie to give to the king of the castle and garden...really, we'll just forget about that beer reference:) Is Fiona your Titania?

  9. Of course there are nicknames. I can't call my two cats Elliott and Oliver all the time....Happy Birthday James.....!!!!

    Michelle From Rambling Woods

  10. Birthday salutations to Jimi. Please give him a stroke from me Monica. I hope that his special day was full of fun and fish !

  11. Happy Birthday, dear Jimi from Germany. You are a very nice and beautiful "Pelznase" and you are look so healthy and fit. I wish you many nice years in your garden and by your Mommy Monica.
    Hugs from Birgit

  12. Oh James, a happy belated birthday! We had no idea you got 16! That's a cool age and you look no more than 4 years in your pictures. What a happy life you're having with your human and Fiona! Hopefully you got some cat mint to roll in!
    Purrs and noselicks, Siena & Chilli

  13. Happy birthday Jimi!
    Purrrr-Zzz from Babie & Paisley..and NG