Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Bloom Day

I actually remembered a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day in time to post (well, I cheated; today is also my birthday), but not much is blooming in my southeastern Michigan garden. Still, a few things are hanging on, like gaillardia...

golden marguerites...


a Mexican hat (waves to Randy)...

a single campanula tucked under some rose of Sharons...

Guara, which was blooming up until a day ago but I still love its pink stalks...

and obedient plant (which is normally done blooming way before now but this was in a location that was shadier most of the season).

This photo is entirely gratuitous.

Canada goldenrod stopped blooming months ago, but I'm enjoying how long it's held its seed heads!

I'm also enjoying the white berries of my variegated red-twig dogwood, which were looking spiffy until yesterday.

Even though I have more than enough Japanese anemone (eep!), I love its fuzzy seed heads, especially against the dark pink of sedum.

Elsewhere, I had my first-ever martini (mmm, lemon meringue) Friday night at a friend's bachelorette party. I figured, what with having had my first manicure earlier this year, I better get in another first before turning 44. Later that evening, we all danced, along with some college kids. I bet they thought we were hilarious. I sure did. And I can assure you that if you decided to dance in these shoes, you'd be bloomin' sorry! My right hip is sore, and I find pressing on it with my right hand helps when walking. Now all I need to do to complete the picture is wave my left fist in the air and yell out "Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn!"

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is brought to you by Carol at May Dreams Gardens and the letters G, B, and D.


  1. Good morning and a bit Happy Birthday to you!!!! A first martini-this is the year of firsts for you and why not? The timing of the party was perfect to think about your birthday and have one. Those shoes? Take them off while you dance-just watch out for errant feet that can step on yours:) Great blooms. I love those dogwood berries and the cats-hey they are your blooms too!

  2. Happy Birthday, Monica! LOL, I'm picturing you dancing after that first martini--you know, I don't think I've ever had one either--bet those college kids were in awe of you all. Good thing they didn't see you holding your hip the next morning:) I can't walk in heels anymore, let alone dance in them!

    You still have lots of blooms in your garden, but I really enjoyed the goldenrod. I was going to show a photo, too, because I love its fluffy seedheads, but I couldn't get it to stop swaying in the wind enough to get it in focus. James and Fiona look like they're enjoying the leaf mulch as much as anyone.

    Have a great day, Monica--a blooming Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Monica!!! :)

    Like Tina said, take off the shoes (next time.) I have a couple of painful foot conditions, and while I still occasionally wear heels, they come off at the first opportunity. I wouldn't dream of leaving them on for dancing - I'd rather get stepped on, it's much less painful!

    At K, my oldest's bachelorette party two years ago, I had my first chocolate martini. . . yum!!! I'm not big on martinis normally, but since the chocolate one I've sampled a few sweet ones and enjoy them. I'm not sure I'll ever try one that will top chocolate. I don't want to know how much fat and calories are in them either, since I'm sure that would dampen my enjoyment of them! :)

    Happy birthday my friend - I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday Monica!

    Those cats look like they're up to no good. :) Your shot of the goldrod seedhead is gorgeous. The shot of the Blanket Flower is beautiful too.

  5. Happy Birthday Monica! Have a great day!
    Among all your lovely blooms, I like the mums the most.

  6. Happy bloomin' Birthday, Monica! Enjoy the beauty of our shared Indian Summer and November birthdays (mine was the 13th)!

  7. Happy birthday Monica. 44, a distant memory for me.....

    I love your comment about the shoes, you are just so funny.....

    Seedheads add something to a garden during the cold winter months. I like them when they are frosted......

  8. Happy birthday! Sounds like another round of martinis is in order.

  9. Happy Birthday Monica! Glad you remembered GBBD, lol. This is the first one I've done in a few months too. ;) Looks like you have some sweet little lingering blooms in your garden. Hope your feet are feeling better soon. :)

  10. The most happiest of birthdays to you Monica - may your special day be filled with fun and flowers ! I could not walk in those shoes let alone dance. Sounds as if you had a great evening and that the resulting soreness was well worth it :)

  11. Happy Birthday! It's also my birthday today woo hoo! Only I never got the chance to take any photos in the garden today with everyone coming round to see me!!

    Lovely photos and it's so nice to see things are still around flowering for you.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONICA!!!!!!!!! hugs.. Michelle

  13. Happy Birthday! I think your garden has made a very respectable showing for November. I love that Mexican Hat, it looks very tired. I wish I could enjoy the berries of my variegated red-twigged Dogwood, but the squirrels eat them all long before the leaves are gone.

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday! Oh to be that young again and able to dance in heels. :)Sounds like a fun time for all. Instead of just celebrating for a day-make it a whole week. I used to.

    I was surprised at how many blooms you still have. Nice to have those this late in the season. I am still finding an odd bloom or two hidden under something else. Your seed heads are gorgeous. S are the cats. They both look very well fed.

    Have a great birthday week!

  15. (((((((Happy Birthday to you!!)))))
    Monika you crack me up with your description of wearing those shoes...they don't even have a high heel!! You should see what I wore back in day before arthritis hit my hips!!
    Any how I'm sure you had a wonderful day surrounded by buddies. I missed out on posting for NBD too tired to bend down in the garden right now.
    hugs aNNa

  16. Happy birthday, Monica!!! What kind of martini tastes like lemon meringue? Interesting. I've been wanting to try an apple martini;)

  17. Hi there and Happy Birthday. Great late fall post, you still got some lovely blooms out in the garden.


  18. Belated birthday wishes Monica. I hope you had a great one. The photos are beautiful. I especially love the goldenrod.

  19. Thanks for the great laugh! Looks like you're paying for your good times on your birthday but that's okay! We all have a little bit of that "get off my lawn" old person in us, ha!

  20. Happy Birthday Monica! Have an extended celebration today ... another Martini?

    I like my wellies best for dancing in - my gardening ones with the steel toe-caps, so it doesn't hurt when people stand on my feet, and if people spill their drinks I don't get wet feet! :)

    Love the gaillardia!

  21. A slightly belated Happy Birthday Monica - and I hope you had a lovely day filled with other 'firsts'!

    Take your shoes off next time and dance like no-one is watching! I'm off to a formal dinner-dance on Friday and you can bet your last penny that my shoes will be off sharpish when the music starts :)
    (if all else fails, rub them with methylated spirirts x2 per day for a week before you dance. It doesn't improve the dancing, but it stops the soreness!)

  22. Monica, Happy belated and we almost share a birthday as mine is the 14th and Eliz from GWI is on the 13th so next year we can all celebrate together for a full week! Sounds like you had a memorable day and the blooms are lovely also.

  23. A belated Happy Birthday, Monica and ouch, those shoes are cute but very scary! I stopped wearing heels years ago and my entire body thanks me for it. It is so nice to see the late bloomers up where you live too. We have had a nice warmer than usual November, but we know the cold is a'comin'. Cute kittie boo boos! Noog from me. :-)

  24. happy Birthday!! I know it's a bit late, but I have a good excuse...I've been away from the computer! I don't know how anyone could walk in heals...especially anything over 2 inches! Love the blooms on the variegated dogwood...If I am lucky I might have them in my garden some day~~thank you! gail ps ice that hip!

  25. We're delighted that your human shares the birthday date with our other type of human. Only very fine people get to celebrate on that date! We're sorry we're late, but we still want to concatulate: Happy Birthday, Monica!!!
    And thanks for showing uns around in your garden.
    Many purrs, Siena & Chilli