Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet Me in Chicago!

Or "You Had Me at Flamingos"

I was so inspired reading about Garden Girl's and Mr. Brown Thumb's behind-the-scenes tour of the Macy's Flower Show in downtown Chicago that I did something completely out of character: I acted impulsively* and arranged to attend the show on Saturday, April 18!

In my whirlwind tour, I'll arrive at Macy's a bit before noon, attend the 1:00 master gardener-led tour, and head back to Union Station by 4:00. If anyone in the Chicago area would like to meet me there, please let me know. It's like a Spring Fling preview!

*Normally I like to plan things waaaay in advance (hello! I'm German!) so it's exciting to sometimes seize the moment right then and there! Ooh, I'm giddy!


  1. Well it is fun to be impulsive! Have a great trip Monica.

  2. How exciting Monica! I plan to meet you there - looking forward to it!

  3. Sounds like lots of fun, Monica; enjoy your trip! I'm German, too; I didn't realize that's why spontaneity isn't one of my character traits:)

    Still in Arizona--no, the only grandkids here are of the canine variety--so just catching up on a few posts. Your last post was so interesting; ironically, I had thought about writing about something similar one of these days. A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my favorite nearby parks which has a prairie restoration area was all blackened; I missed the burning off, though. I find this whole cycle of rejuvenation pretty amazing.

  4. Monica, you are getting used to taking big leaps! You will have a wonderful time--what fun! We are relying on you to take lots of pictures and report back! ;-)

  5. I wish I could join you, but that's a busy weekend. I applaud your spontaneity. It's good to do things on a whim.

  6. How cool that our posts made you want to come all the way here to see the flower show.

    You'll love it. I plan on going on Monday since I plan to be in the area for something different but if I'm not sick of it by the 18 I'd like to come along.

  7. I think it's even more fun being spontaneous if it's not usually your way of doing things! Hope you have a fantastic trip.

  8. Hey Monica, impulsiveness is fun sometimes. :) Hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago. We want pictures.

  9. I like to plan ahead too, but with my MS symptoms, I have to be flexible..Have fun...Michelle

  10. Hi Monica....London - Chicago......bit too pricey....have to say

    Have a fun time.....

  11. That looks fun - I hope you have a fantastic time :)

    You asked about text size over at my place. When you're in edit mode, have a look at the top left hand corner. Next to Font you'll see an icon labelled T for text. Click on there and you'll see there's a range of text sizes to choose from. I used the largest and added Bold and Italics to make it stand out even more.

    Hope that helps!

  12. Tina,
    I'm fairly flexible with things that happen (=life), but i don't usually decide to do things out of the blue. Woo hoo!

    Oh boy! A Spring Fling preview!!!

    Nein, ve Jermins leik to heff efrysing in order! Say hello to the granddogs and have fun in AZ! (You're taking lots of photos, right?!)

    (I like that better than MGiRR). Of course I'll take photos and report back. I love Chicago!

    Sorry you can't join us, but we'll see each other in May!!

    So far it's just Linda and me, so just let me know how your schedule turns out.

    I'm a good problem solver and fairly flexible, but I don't normally go places on a whim!! :)

    Oh, there will be pictures! I think you're far enough south in Ohio to avoid the six inches of snow predicted overnight and into tomorrow for southeastern Michigan!

    You never know when you might run short on spoons.

    Ooh, London sounds fun, too! I think the British bloggers should host a fling! :)

    Thanks for the tip! I always use html mode ("Edit HTML" tab; yeah, I'm kinda geeky) and *didn't even realize* there was another tab, "Compose," that offers a LOT more options than the tab I was using (like altering font size, for example). Wow!


  13. Monica..regarding the spaghetti pie. I do use spaghetti sauce and throw in some basil and oregano...

  14. Monica, it does sound fun! Have a fantastic time! gail

  15. I wasn't even aware that Macys did a flower show. Downtown? Be sure to get lots of photos.

  16. Hope you have a wonderful time and bring us back a good story. I know what you mean about German habits--they're hard to change. But the Oma I've become forces the German in me to be more flexible, especially where housecleaning is concerned.

  17. Here is my test comment using the new code. Was I supposed to delete the other code that was already there? I did not. But here goes.


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