Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope in the Unknown

Words from our new President's inaugural address, but mostly from poet Elizabeth Alexander, struck a chord with me and mirrored my own journey:

Eyes on the horizon,
We walk into that which we cannot see
Anything can be made
Praise song for walking forward in that light

Here's to the strength to meet our challenges and the courage to walk into the unknown, with hope and faith intact.


  1. Hi Monica, it was so moving. I loved the poem, the music, both classical and Aretha and the service choir, the crowd, the speech, the tripe Amen. We will remember this day forever.

  2. Thanks Monica! We are purring that they continue to improve!

  3. What a grand day it is indeed!

  4. It is a day of hope for all of us...

  5. Hallo Monica! Was für ein bedeutender Tag für die Zukunft! Es ist wunderbar zu sehen, wie sich Hoffnung regt...
    Liebe Grüße nach Amerika,

  6. Monica, wasn't it a glorious day for the nation and the world? At last there does seem to be hope!

  7. I haven't a television but I bought a licence specially so we could watch the ceremony on my laptop.

    I had not heard of Elizabeth Alexander before but that was a wonderful poem.

    Another memorable moment (amongst many) was the phrase 'tanks into ploughshares' in the prayer at the end.

    In fact much was elegantly and well said.


  8. Frances,
    Yes, there were a lot of nice moments. And, yes, a little motown soul was nice--Aretha still lives in metro Detroit (albeit it a swanky suburb).

    Hope is the word of the day, all around. Meow!

    I was getting a bit teary-eyed and I am not even entirely on the Obama bandwagon!

    For me, hope in the unknown is very personal, but it's also the theme of the nation, I think.

    Nun muessen wir Amerikaner uns nicht mehr ueber unseren Praesident schaemen! Nun brauchen wir nur noch eine PraesidentIN!! :)

    As I said to Ramblingwoods, hope int he unknown is very personal and specific to me but I think it's felt throughout the nation.

    We watched it online, projected onto a screen, at work, ironically through BBC America as the streaming dfelay was worse on US sites (partially because our laptop is older and partially because more people were overloading US servers).

    I didn't catch "tanks into plowshares" but Obama did mention several green initiatives and I thought i heard something about farming.

    Also, I was happy he acknowledged nonbelievers when naming different religions/beliefs that make up our country. I don't think any president has ever acknowledged that.


  9. Das war gestern ein großer Tag für Amerika, und ich denke auch für die Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, denn es besteht nun berechtigte Hoffnung, dass sich im Hinblick auf Frieden umd Umwelt-/Klimaschutz etwas bewegt!

    Die Pflanze auf dem ersten Foto in meinem Beitrag ist übrigens auch eine Wolfsmilch (Euphorbie)

    Liebe Grüße,Monika

  10. Monica it was a wonderful day. I heard someone say that when they were standing among the crowds the day felt warm and only when they headed back to their cars, buses and trains did they remember how cold it was. gail

  11. The poem was part of the most inspirational inaugural day that I can remember during my lifetime! Loved the comment about "picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, and getting back to work".

  12. So many words resonated with me yesterday, Monica. The poem was excellent, and the President's address so inspiring. It's a great day to be an American!

  13. I was happy as an atheist to be acknowledged as well, Monica. I thought it was a beautiful speech and much as I lean towards libertarianism and so sometimes disagree with his viewpoints, there is clearly something great about this man. He's inspirational and sharp as a tack. It will be a pleasure to feel welcomed into the country's discourse again.

  14. Hi Monica, thank you for your musings! Even though we're English, last-born and I sat and watched the ceremony together with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes.The feeling of hope was tangible and the poem really moved me. I just hope he can live up to the world's expectations of him.

  15. Lovely words indeed, your snow photos are beautiful.

  16. What a great maxim to follow...walking into the light..especially at the beginning of a New Year :)

  17. I was glued to our television set too Monica. A very moving occasion. I hope that your new president lives up to the expectations of your country and of the world. I was most taken by Aretha's hat :)

  18. Hi Monica, I just noticed you'd commented on the Summer Inspiration 2008 meme. I would be happy to have you participate and use the logo! Looking forward to your post. :-) sg

  19. The very definition of faith. Thanks for your post.

  20. I'm hoping he'll do good. I think everyone is weary of the current family connection and samelike thinking.

  21. Yes, I love that poem. Very moving. Let's look forward, and onward&upward, as the saying goes:)