Sunday, November 16, 2008

Camera Resolution

Thanks to all who offered their thoughts on digital cameras based on my recent query. Well, I made a decision. Yes, in the best tradition of my workplace (admin group of an academic research unit), I conducted a whole lot of in-depth research, including primary and secondary sources (in print, online, and through personal interviews). I then carefully reviewed the data collected, running queries and meticulously weighing the pros and cons, even assigning weights to certain features. Finally, I decided to change nothing and stick with the status quo. (I told you I worked in academia!)

Seriously, I had gotten as far as narrowing down the brand to Canon, not only because I'm very comfortable with all the camera functions, which are similar across the brand, but because I read Canon donated camera equipment to photography programs at 12 U.S. community colleges, including Washtenaw Community College, where I teach adult enrichment gardening classes and where I've enjoyed taking classes myself. I hadn't figured out which model and in the meantime was actually becoming accustomed to using the viewfinder, not the LCD display, anyway.

Then my refrigerator died (click for details on that adventure). Have you priced fridges lately? Oh my. Fortunately, mine could have a doohickey thingamabob installed to coax the compressor back to life, but this is a temporary solution (could last two weeks, could last two years). In any case, the camera seems less of a priority now (you could even say it's on the back burner, but I really don't want to get my perfectly functioning stove involved in the saga of dying appliances), so I'll keep hobbling along as is, just like the fridge and camera.


  1. so sorry about the fridge Monica, and the damper that puts on your camera dreams.

    We seem to be having our share of household appliance and system issues here - it seems everything here is the same age . . . old!

    Two years ago, the fridge, dishwasher, and microwave all went within weeks of each other. The fridge installer damaged our kitchen floor, so we had to replace the vinyl sheet flooring. We did porcelain tile, and the diswasher installer cracked one of the brand new tiles.

    A few weeks ago we had a monster clog in our kitchen, we couldn't bust it up and had to call a plumber. Then two weeks ago our hot water heater decided to die, spewing water all over and flooding the basement.

    Last week it was the furnace, and we had to get a new one, just installed on Friday. Homeownership can be such an adventure sometimes. Looks like we won't be taking that winter vacation to someplace warm we were thinking about. . . but at least we're not freezing in our own house now.

  2. What are you complaining about? After 8 years the lights still worked, didn't they? ;-)

    It's a bummer when your fridge gives up the ghost. Hopefully the whatsit will keep it up and running for a year or two. BTW have you thought of buying second hand?

  3. The only thing worse than having the fridge go out is the dishwasher! On the other hand, the best appliance to go out is the stove! "I'm sorry dear, but we have to go out to dinner tonight!"

    On a serious note, I am glad to get your recommendation on a camera. I am not happy with mine now that I am getting more serious about taking pictures in the garden. Seems I need to step up to a bigger and better model to get those close-ups I have been trying to get.

  4. Linda,
    As Roseanna Roseanna Danna used to say "It's always something!" Sorry you had so many somethings so close together. In comparison, I guess I'm lucky!

    I buy many things secondhand, and did look into a secondhand fridge. The ReUse Center in town only accepts fridges for donation less than 10 years old, which means they're likely to die as well. Many of the other thrift stores don't sell big appliances, and craigslist tended to have more high-end ones priced close to what I'd pay for lower-end new.

    Personally, I could easily live without my dishwasher; in fact, I probably wouldn't replace it if it died. Same more or less with the stove (microwave and toaster oven handle about 95% of what I need.) But I'm a "bachelor."
    Camerawise, I was surprised some of the lower-end cameras (like mine) actually did have features to take good close-up shots--not just through the zoom but also by using a macro feature. I also figured out I could override its auto flash settings.


  5. Yolanda,
    I forgot to add, the biggest problem with buying a used fridge is that I'd have to rent a van or truck to move it, plus I'd have to pay to take my old one to the dump. Buying new, delivery and haul-away is free (after a rebate).

  6. You have my sympathies. I hate shopping for appliances. So many choices so little time;)

  7. Hi Monica, thanks so much for the link to the owner's manual. It has taken me a while to read and reread it to make some sense of it and translate that into action with changing the camera settings. Your camera may be able to do things that please you also, keep fiddling with it. And about the fridge, I was looking at new ones recently and was flabberghasted at the prices. Same with stoves, I would like a new one but no way in the world can I pay that kind of money. We will keep limping along. And I agree, it is ALWAYS something. :-)

    BTW, I linked to you today for helping me about the owner's manual, many thanks for that.

  8. I can understand why you decided to stick with your old camera, Monica. Don't even get me started on appliances! I just had my refrigerator fixed for the second time--it's only 5 years old, and I could have bought half a new one with the money I spent on repairs! Last year about this time three appliances all had to be repaired our replaced within a month's time. And...I finally got my computer back after spending $$$ to get it fixed, and it's less than two years old! All the repairmen keep saying is that appliances and electronics aren't made to last very long any more, and they don't make the parts for anything too old. GRRR!

    I just read your last post and enjoyed seeing the changes you've made--looks great! I wish I had old photos to compare mine with, but perhaps in a few years I'll use today's photos to show the improvements I've made:)

  9. Ahhh, life. Eating on one hand, taking photographs on the other... eating - photographs... eating... yep. Eating is a good thing. :-) Hopefully the fix lasts a good two years!!

  10. Whoops! Such is life ... I'd focus on the fridge ... we all must eat, storing energy to photograph ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I identify with Garden Girl - if one thing goes wrong . . . I am in the habit of looking for what will be next. Even with small things like light bulbs.

    But my approach, after that, is probably a little different.

    Realising I will probably be a little short of money over the next few months . . . I went and bought tickets for four shows at our local theatre. These take us into February.

    I reckon life is fine when the fun and the treats are in place, whatever else we may be missing. I was worried that if I didn't buy the tickets now, I might end up spending the money on something useful - like food!

    We'll happily limit our diet to pasta and potatoes but life without theatre . . . it simply wouldn't work!


    P.S. I'd find it difficult not to have a washing machine though.