Saturday, March 22, 2008


It started snowing late yesterday afternoon and stopped some time at night. Even this late in March, my heart sings watching big flakes fall against the tree-lined backdrop of my backyard. And I've always enjoyed snow shoveling. What can I say. My winter seed sowing containers are happy under a soft white blanket of snow. Because nothing has sprouted yet, there's no danger of it being too cold for the seedlings.

And in further news, my Easter bunny is safe, having survived intact since my last post, with only one day to go until Easter. Amazing? Yes! Incredible? Yes? But how, you ask? Well, let me assure you that it doesn't have anything to do with any new-found powers of mind control or will power, nor have I suddenly adopted a healthy eating regime. Instead, it has to do with knowing who I am, accepting my frailties, and working around them. Yep, I outsmarted myself by removing temptation and enrolling my bunny in the Peter Rabbit Protection Program (patent pending). Since Monday, it has been safely relocated at a friend's house (said Peter) where I will not be tempted to nibble on its ears (or, actually, bottom. Ever since I was a kid I hated starting by chomping the ears off, so I ate from the bottom up... though finishing with a decapitated head is, admittedly, disconcerting also!). Which is a really, really good thing as I'm jonesing for some chocolate right now, even though I'm soon to gorge myself with brunch at Madras Masala (yum yum yum yum oh hell yes) with my friend Aunita.

So I'll make due with reasonable facsimile chocolate bunnies (the second strip had two more panels, but I really like just the first):


  1. It' s really a problem with this weather! Shall we eat chocolate Easter bunnies or Christmas chocolate?
    But I think we are looking forward, in one week Spring will come!!!

    Have a good week Wurzerl

  2. Wurzerl, That's no problem at all--we eat both! :)

  3. are a smart one! I can't hardly stand not to eat chocolate if it's in the house (and handy) relocating it is a good idea...but, do you still call to check in?

  4. Chickenbells, Yep, when it comes to knowing just how stupid I am, I'm smart! ;-) My friend who was sotring the money for me ("Honest officer, it's not mine! I'm just holding it for a friend!") has diabetes, so I trust him not to eat it all at once... and I did have visitation rights.

  5. Speaking of being stupid, by "sotring the money for me" I meant "storing the chocolate for me." Tahdgbn gjdyteg ad, y'know?!