Saturday, February 23, 2008

And now for something completely different

My friend Carole has spent most of the month in Kentucky assisting her son and daughter-in-law with their new-born and 2-year-old sons. I've really missed her and wanted to welcome her back home on Sunday with some kind of enthusiasm.

Last night, while at my friend Pete's house, using his binding machine to make more copies of Fun with Winter Seed Sowing, it dawned on me. Pete is a composer and musician who often performs in filk circles. While he has produced traditional and epic scores, he also enjoys a good horrible song, so I knew he was just the person with whom I could create a little ditty to leave on Carole's answering machine.

Thus was born, Carole's Song.

If you have 31 seconds and a high tolerance for off-key singing (mine, not his), check it out! I always hate my voice in that it sounds high-pitched and nasal-y to me. I was glad the recorder did not capture that, only my being off-tune. What can I say--it's a gift! But I am enthusiastic! Until the recording was played back, I also didn't realize I had a southern twang, which was not intentional. Also, the final strumming of the guitar (a C-sharp, thank you very much) is me (now that sounded great!). The other instrument is Pete's banjo ukelele.

I have to say, it's quite humbling, very daunting, and a heck of a lot of fun to create music with, in fact, no actual musical ability!


  1. Hallo Monica, ich bin mir sehr sicher, das wird ein tolles Willkommenskonzert!!! Es ist schön, wenn man die Freundin nach so langer Zeit endlich wieder in der Nähe hat. Ich weiß wovon ich rede, ich lebe in Bayern - meine Freundin in Frankreich. Da hast Du es schon etwas einfacher, wenn sie nur verreist, um Besuche zu machen.
    Also viele schöne Stunden wünsche ich Euch Wurzerl

  2. Just to be pedantic, the chord you strummed was a C-sharp. For those guitarists out there, it was a G, capo 6. And to be more pedantic, I was playing the banjo ukulele, which is sort of a little banjo strung like a ukulele.

    Technicalities aside, it was a hoot collaborating with you on music.


  3. Of course--you did say C-sharp but my brain only remembered C-flat. See, I told you I don't know from music! :)