Thursday, June 2, 2011


We've had a very wet and cool spring, and everything except weeds is a little behind in the garden this year. Including, most of all, me.

I'm happy to be participating in the SeedGROW project again this year with seeds donated by Renee's Garden (last year, when we grew nasturtiums).

This year, we're growing marigolds, basil, and lettuce, all varieties that can be grown in containers.

Here's marigold 'Summer Splash' which I started indoors, on a heat mat, about a week ago (non-labeled seedlings are the marigolds). I've been winter sowing the last seven years, so it was a little freaky going back to indoor sowing. However, I had a tomato disaster and was already re-growing them indoors on a heat mat, so the more the merrier, I figured. it's warm enough now that I could have direct-sowed them in my southeastern Michigan garden, but I'm not yet sure where I want them to go, so I wanted to grow them in cell packs for easy transplanting later.

Eventually, the marigolds will look like this (photo courtesy of Renee's Garden).

I direct-sowed basil 'Italian Cameo' into a square plastic container and lettuce 'Garden Babies Butterhead' into a rectangular plastic container. (I use the same rectangular container to grow cat grass indoors over the winter, and just harvested winter-sown 'Icicle' radishes from it). Neither the basil nor lettuce has sprouted yet, but I only sowed it two hours ago! ;-) (And, yes, those are old dresser drawers on either side of the basil, growing other kinds of lettuce and spinach.)

Eventually, the lettuce will look like this (photo courtesy of Renee's Garden).

Eventually, the basil will look like this (photo courtesy of Renee's Garden).

I'm growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Reenes Garden for the seeds.