Monday, October 27, 2008

Your Camera Recommendations, Please!

     I've had my trusty Canon PowerShot A75 for several years. It's a bit clunky, but I saw no reason to get a new one. Until now. A while back, the LCD display didn't work and it wouldn't take photos. Tapping the camera fixed both symptoms for a while, until tapping was needed again. Now, though, the LCD display won't work even after tapping; I can still take and download photos, but I have to use the viewfinder to position shots. I'm not feeling confident that this will continue to work, though.
     So I'm finally ready to free some moths by opening my wallet! Since the features important to me* are likely the same as those important to my fellow flower and foliage photographers, please let me know what camera you love and why. Thanks so much in advance!
*Point and shoot, good closeup capability, optical zoom of at least 3x, slim camera size. Megapixel resolution not so important.